A Fail-Proof To-Do List

I have been learning something lately- I do not have to be a slave to certain mindsets. I am a woman who has been given free will. I can choose not to center in on negativity, insecurity, anger, bitterness, or bad circumstances.

I have a bad habit of letting bad thoughts play on a loop. Bad thoughts quickly breed more bad thoughts and before I know it, I feel toxic, overwhelmed and sluggish. But I can stop those initial things in their tracks when they first happen.
It's normally not as simple as "just forgetting" it. No, it requires action:

Facing the thing that I'm insecure about.

When I'm anxious, I get in God's Word and talk through how I feel with someone wise.

Giving thanks for the things that I do have when I am in want.

Formulating a plan of action for the things I can change.

When things aren't right between another and myself, apologizing when I did something wrong.

When I'm mad because I feel I have been wronged, deciding in my heart that it's probably petty in the grand scheme of things, and reaching out to reconnect with that person.

Deciding not to be critical towards people, even if they are doing something wrong, and especially not over petty things. They all have a private life behind social media, outside of their jobs that I do not know about. They have their passions that I may never understand, just like I have my own quirky things. I have to show the same compassion and mercy that I would like to be shown towards myself when I am at my very weakest.

It's the most freeing thing I have learned so far in my life. I wish I would have learned it before now.

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