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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Give yourself permission

Tuesday, May 10, 2016
Give yourself permission:

1) to let your dirty house sit while you indulge in a good book

2) to buy jeans your actual size instead of fighting your way into your old ones every morning

3) to wear your hair naturally. You'll be glad you stopped frying it and hassling with it every day. 

4) to give people mercy. Even if they are annoying. Even if they are a jerk. Even if they took something from you. 

5) to give others grace. Sit with them in their time of pain. Their pain is matter how unreal it may seem to you.

6) to be vulnerable. Create something ugly that you wouldn't even show to your mom. Impart your sense of humor but don't take it personally if no one laughs. Love people without any expectations of reciprocation. 

7) to give up making plans or long term goals. Live in each moment (doing what is right, not necessarily easy) and accept where that leads. 

8) to not let someone else's self demeaning nature give rise to questioning and criticizing your own self-perceived "flaws". And on the same hand, practice accepting compliments without having to meet them with some witty yet negative remark of how you really feel about yourself.

9) to sit in your flaws. Wallow in your loneliness. Grieve, but learn and then move on. 

10) to stop keeping up with Joneses. The faster you learn that most things don't really matter, plans fall through, things break, the more you will embody humility. I am learning that humility makes for the strongest backbone. Most disappointments point back to pride. The more humble you are, the more content you will be in life.

11) to leave behind the people that think this is ridiculous and criticize you for giving yourself permission. 


  1. Love love love love love this!

  2. #8: it's exhausting trying to talk to someone who turns everything you say into a personal insult to them!