A dash of melancholy, but a heaping of fervor

My heart is heavy tonight for children.

Being in youth ministry for the past six years has totally opened my eyes. Teenagers these days deal with WAY more than what my younger self and peers were ever accustomed to.

Some of the teens that come on Monday nights have parents who do drugs, have parents that encourage them to come because that's another night that they are out of their hair. Another large percentage don't even live with their biological parents.

Just two weeks ago, a kid threatened Ryan's life. Although death threats are something that we take extremely seriously, it's kind of easy to see such a behavior coming from a kid whose dad died of cancer, his mom is terminally ill and his poorly fitting clothes cannot even begin to conceal the cuts on his body.

Then, this past week, one of the kid's mothers died from a heroin overdose.

Many of them don't. stand. a. chance.

Ryan and I do a check with each other every once in a while-"When should we give up youth ministry and move on to something else?" Not that we want to leave, we just don't want to ever become burnt out.

But now I feel that this is war. The world...Satan...is desperately trying to swallow the young up. Destroying families, and making weak foundations. He knows, if he can knock them down when they're young, they won't have much strength to get back up. I can't help but feel that it's more than just my geographical area, but it's everywhere.

If we don't invest in the kids, who will? There are so many out there, not feeling wanted or loved. So many out there who have to fend for themselves and end up in the wrong crowd, all turning to dangerous behaviors to numb the pain. There are so many out there that at minimum, are emotionally and spiritually orphaned.

Who will stand in the gap?

I was inspired by a quote by Mother Teresa today:

"Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within reach of every hand."

I want to be that for people. But I fail so much. I often let my cynical nature and self absorption distract me from what is truly important.

There are two types of battles out there- people being torn apart because they don't know the truth and people becoming despondent after they hear the truth. Spreading the truth and covering it in love is one of the biggest reasons we are here. I pray I can more often remember and be guided by that.


  1. I am in awe of you and Ryan and all you do. I'm praying for you guys, your ministry, and all those you come into contact with. Thank you for showing God's truth and love to these kids who need it so desperately. I don't know that I could do what you guys do!

  2. ^^ I second what Michelle said, because I couldn't say it any better. Timely, too, as I've been thinking about this a lot. Just yesterday my husband had to help hold down an 18 year old girl who was overdosing on mushrooms, a girl who just last week stole and crashed someone else's car. She used to be a client at a counseling agency I worked for back when she was about 13-14 years old, and it ALL boils down to her family life and how badly she was parented. And it's sad because now she's paying the price and learning lessons the hard way while one parent calls the police on her and the other bails her out. I need to remember to pray more and judge less.