This has to stop

And the award for the world's most annoying book title goes to:

Let me explain why this book title annoys me so much.

We ALL have struggles (regardless of race, age, religion, ability/disability, sex, etc). Circumstances, setbacks, discouraging (sometimes mean) people that can really make life a battle at times.

But do you know what makes a strong, successful person?

Not the absence of the above list, but the refusal to play victim to said list.

Strong, successful people are the ones who find creative solutions to problems that threaten their way of living or their lifelong dreams.

Everyone in this country is legally equal. (Well, almost everyone -the living, breathing unborn's right to exist is not legally recognized...yet)

I've seen videos of a man who has neither of his arms and get this-he paints the most beautiful pictures! Do you think he wastes a good deal of energy authoring a book entitled Why I'm No Longer Talking to Painters With Hands?

No. He spends his time making the world a more beautiful place and encouraging others. He even extends gracious comments when someone says something discouraging/bullying on his social media account. I can guarantee he is a much happier, satisfied person because of it. It does not mean that he comes without his fair share of struggles or pain, he has just chosen to not let them define who he is. 


  1. Love love love this! As you know, I could NOT agree more. People are insane.

    1. Thank you, love! I'm so happy to have a friend who sees eye to eye with me <3