True Feminism

Maybe it's the current culture, maybe it's the feeling that I still have some growing to do, or maybe a little bit of both, but today I started thinking about how I would like to be a stronger woman. It struck me on the way home from work that there are many women out there who would proclaim themselves as strong and would have the people around them agree, but most are what I believe to be "faux strong women." Most of the "strong women" out there today are simply just angry women.  The kind that react, instead of humbly, intelligently, compassionately, (while still) justly responding. I'm not saying that we should all be soft spoken (because I have that tendency, and know that I myself, need to be bolder). I'm not saying that a woman can not be vulnerable or make mistakes, but there are just plain too many women that play the victim card these days.

I can say this all from experience. Getting married, sharing every intimate detail with someone for the rest of your life has a way of outing all of the ugliness within a person. I soon realized that I was emotionally volatile, and at times toxic. But Ryan never put up with it, therefore challenging me to gain control of that area while still allowing me to show my vulnerabilities in a healthy way. I can see the same problem in many other women, while their husbands and peers role over, letting them get away with it. And do you realize that anger and bitterness destroys the one beholding it the most? I've seen far too many women with a ticking time bomb strapped to their chests in an attempt to be a martyr. And for what cause or purpose? If a male were to act that way, the same female perpetrator would call him a bully.

Not only has the female sex been weakened by this, but also our male counterpart. It's fine if you are female and want (or even need ) to do "traditional male things" but let a man be a man without getting offended for goodness sakes! What is SO wrong with a man wanting to protect and provide for a woman? Absolutely nothing. In fact, everyone could use more people that surround them in support. It's stupid to try and do it all on your own, all in the name of posterity's sake. And if you think the way women treat men is bad, wait until you see how they can treat each other!

So women- be strong without the pride and without all of the hostility. That is true feminism.


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    1. I don't know about that- but if that were the case, it's only because I surround myself with the wisest of friends! 💖

  2. "everyone could use more people that surround them in support. It's stupid to try and do it all on your own" Yes, yes, yes! I think your connection between what's seen as "strong" = angry is right on, too. I, for one, am very grateful that I don't have to go through life completely independently and doing everything for myself--that sounds like a lonely life to me.

    1. I couldn't agree with you more-I couldn't imagine a lonelier life!