I've been reading a really good book on Prayer the past several months. So I've thought a lot on the subject lately. For many years, my prayer life had been weak. Almost non existent. I had gotten really skeptical, but mainly because I was really self absorbed. See, prayer requires a humility that acknowledges the fact that you are in need of strength outside of yourself. 

I remember a time in high school when my communion with God and prayer life was at its strongest. Prayer is a discipline and I used it as a means to take my "boy obsessed frustrations" and turn it into to seriously praying for my future husband. Granted, prayer is first and foremost a way to create intimacy with God, but God must have shown me grace even in my misordered motives because my heart was really on fire for Him. 

But here's the thing that I want to point out- you have to be persistent in your faith and discipline in prayer while being submissive to God and His will for your life. I think most people agree that when praying for the desires of your heart, they don't come near as fast as what you would like for them to (or how you would like them to, or maybe not at all) Prayer life is grueling work, but it's benefits are eternal. 

I made scripture reading and exploring God's word a part of my prayer time for my future husband and I persevered every day for the last two years of high school in that discipline. I'm not saying that the Christian life is about what you do, but simply God rewards those who seek after Him and completely put their trust in Him. 
The funny thing was, when I prayed for what was suppose to be my future husband I would pray in expectation of whatever guy I was crushing on at the time. Even though my heart in prayer was on the wrong person, God used my prayer requests on the right person. I know this just by simply looking at the strong man of God that my husband has become today. And I'd like to even think that God also used those prayers for strengthening the other guys and their eventual marriages, because He is that giving! 

I'd also like to point out that during those two years Ryan was dating someone in which he bought an engagement ring for. Anyone who knows Ryan, knows he is fiercely loyal to any person that he loves to the very end- so I can only guess as to how God's listening to my prayers may have intervened. 
You never know what kind of work God is doing with your prayers, and you may never find out until you reach Heaven. 

Even though Ryan and I are flawed people who often stumble in our marriage, one thing I can say is that we have a love that runs deeper than any act of mere human will could ever account for. And I know that it was God's graceful gift to my obedience in prayer. 
Let me end by making it clear, I am not posting this to dote on what I have done, or what my husband has done, but what God has done by me simply trusting in Him. My hope in posting this is to maybe show just one person, that prayer actually does things. Even if the only thing it results in is the changing of the heart of the one who utters it. 

Be persistent in praying, be bold in making your desires known to God, it will completely change your world. 

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