BlogLovin' First Impressions...

My first glance of Bloglovin' created the following impressions:

1) I joined because I wanted to meet other like minded bloggers and I'm tired of this blog being such a ghost town :p
But I quickly went from my pre-registration loneliness to "this is why I never go out." Not really sure where to begin searching/interacting.

2) I don't fall very neatly into any of the categories (where's faith? where's journaling? where's literature?)

3)Speaking of "literature"...all of the book bloggers seem to be a bunch of avid YA fiction aficionados. Hello, where are the Rorys of the blogging community? (also, Michelle, if you are reading this, please know you are exempt from the above comment. And, please note that I would never discredit you by assuming that you had more similarities to Rory than just  her affinity to coffee and books, because Revival Rory was stinky cheese).

4)Maybe I should email the keepers of Bloglovin' and suggest the following categories: "sad and lonely blogger" or "I like pizza. Also, I can't cook" or "blogger rejected by several other bloggers while ugly crying over pizza" (For starters)

5) I realized as I was scrolling through different search results this could add the same stress as keeping an Instagram account- each little box giving a preview of the blog only included pics that were attached to the blog. If this is what attracts people, I STAND NO CHANCE. I take blurry pictures of my dog, which started licking her crotch the moment I hit the Take Photo button. That's as good as it gets people.

6) Can someone please direct me to the Society for Old Fashioned Bloggers social media site?



  1. This is hysterical and I frequently feel the exact same way!

    1. I'm starting to get use to the layout and how to dig around and the like. I've started looking at bloggers that you follow because if you like them, I probably will too!