RIP Gilmore Girls (for now)

If you are pathetic, and you know it, clap your hands!

Let me start out by saying that in high school, while most of my fellow classmates were out partying, I was meticulously picking out my junk food line up for another Gilmore Girls marathon. I never even heard of The Gilmore Girls until ABC Family had started picking up the re-runs. While the CW was airing the 6th and 7th seasons, I was still catching up on Rory and Lorelai’s story. So, I never got to see those last two seasons before going off to college. It was my favorite show during that time (actually, it’s still in my top three) and I have always wanted to know how it ended.

When Ryan and I started dating, he would make fun of The Gilmore Girls. And there had been a couple of times after it was released on Netflix that I tried to see if he wanted to watch the series with me and there was absolutely no interest on his part. But when I started watching them from the beginning this past summer, he got mad that I didn’t include him. I think I accomplished a major feat by making a believer out of him (just don’t leak this to any of his guy friends).

So here we are, only a few short months later, having completed all 7 seasons of one of the most scrumptious shows to date.

We watched the last three episodes Tuesday evening-and guys, I was an EMOTIONAL WRECK on Wednesday. I would equate all of the feels that day to the unrequited love of a 16 year old girl. I instantly woke up the next morning with a sinking feeling in my stomach. And just like any 16 year old girl still holding on, even after the love of her life declared to her and everyone in the room that she’d be the last he’d ever dream of going out with, I was grasping for anything and everything. I watched snippets of The Gilmore Girls reunion on my phone until the last possible moment in which I had to get out of bed and get ready for work. Then I found a Gilmore Girls playlist on Spotify and felt my heart being ripped apart as each song reminded me of a particular scene from the show. I was harvesting any memories that I possibly could and reveling in all of  my sorrow.

So, tell me, past Gilmore Girls veterans, how does this girl begin to mend her broken heart?


  1. We look forward to the new season of GG!!! That's the only way I know of to mend my broken heart. That show impacted me so much. I need to know your thoughts on how it ended. I vividly remembering watching the finale as it aired my senior year of high school. My English teacher and I were almost in tears the next morning talking about it. One of the best shows ever created!

    1. It's. So. Far. think my thoughts on the ending are little skewed because I knew going into it that there are now plans for more. I like that they left me feeling that Lorelai and Luke are reconciled in their friendship but still in love. But that isn't enough for me!!! They need to be married with a happily ever after. PLEASE!?!?
      On the the subject of Rory- I guess I couldn't expect anything differently. I'm kind of annoyed by the whole liberal tone and her being on Obama's campaign. But that's just a matter of my opinion. I guess that makes sense for Rory's character.
      As far as Rory's love life- I liked Logan. But I don't know that I want her back together with him. He seemed to be in love with her and "changed" but I feel like he was still immature and could go back to his old ways any moment. I loved, loved, loved Dean before the whole him marrying Lindsey thing. But I don't think that relationship could realistically be revived! So, I am left with Jess. In the end, I think that they were made for each other. Both have the same interests and I know he really, really loves her and seemed to be getting his life together.
      I can't wait for our conversations over the upcoming season!!

    2. These are my thoughts EXACTLY!!!!!! I was so happy Luke and Lorelai reconciled, but I'm still mad it didn't end with a wedding. I was frustrated with Rory's decisions. I started off hating Logan and grew to love him at the end, and I was so sad when she turned him down. I loved Dean too, but I've always had a strange attraction to Jess even though he was mostly awful. I think they would be perfect together now that he straightened himself out some.